October 2013

Sunday Meetings
We have now started meeting as a church on Sundays. Times have varied, but we start with drinks and chat before a time of praise, prayer and preaching. We have started looking at Luke’s Gospel, written to make us certain about Jesus.

Thursday Studies
On Thursday evenings we are studying Philippians together, up till Christmas. We have invited other Christians living in Hilton, but going elsewhere for church, so that they can meet us, get to know us and decide whether God is calling them to join Grace Church and join our mission to reach the people of Hilton with the Gospel.

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
In considering a wider network and accountability we are deciding whether to affiliate to the FIEC.
We have met with John Stevens, one of the directors about this, and we will meet with Andy Patterson in a few weeks, who is the director for Church Planting.

2 Replies to “October 2013”

  1. Thanks for your news of your church plant and glad that it is beginning to be more structured. My dad was a minister affiliated to the F.I.E.C. And so is I believemy sister Joan’s husband. I know they have found the fellowship at the yearly assembly very encouraging.
    Will continue to pray for God’s guidance for you all. At our church we are studying Philippians in our house groups. Our minister preaching on Philippians in the morning service and he has provided us with questions etc. for our studies. We are enjoying the book.
    God bless,

  2. Wishing you Gods blessing on your efforts for him in Hilton and praying Gods blessing as you seek to see a church established there

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