Grace Church is a community of Christians in Hilton

Although we did start meeting physically again, at Hilton Village Hall, in light of the more recent change in legislation we have decided to return to online meetings only.

Our meetings will take place over a Zoom call. If you would like to join us in that way then get in touch and we will share the link. We will also be sharing a recording of our meeting on our Facebook page: here

Grace Church has always been more than a Sunday meeting. We are a group of people, united in our faith in Jesus Christ, committed to one another much like a family.  We will continue to support one another during this time and continue to find ways to study God’s Word, The Bible, together.

We would like to extend these things to others in our community who want/need them. If you would like to hear the broadcasts or want any support/help of any kind, then please get in touch.

A more detailed response to the current situation is available [here]


Our latest meeting can be viewed on Facebook [here]

Meet Us

We are a small group of Christians living in Hilton and we would love to meet you, to share the Good News about Jesus that we read of in The Bible. We are looking for opportunities to be involved in the community and to get to know people

If you have any questions about Christianity, or about Grace Church then get in touch.

Everyone is very welcome to join us for any of our activities.
We meet at 10am every Sunday in the Jubilee Room at Hilton Village Hall.
(Apart from the first of the month, which varies. Get in touch to check times if you want to join us then.)

You don’t have to come to one our meetings, though. You are welcome to meet us for coffee, come round for dinner or join us on a walk. Whatever works best for you.
Contact Us

There are many aspects that make up the life of Grace Church week by week. Some things happen regularly, others occasionally. But even the regular activities are flexible and may change to be able to serve the church community as best we can. If you would be interested in joining in any of the following regular activities then the best thing is to get in touch with one of us to find out the arrangements for this week.

–Find out about our Regular Activities here–



Grace Church Hilton Online

During the Coronavirus Crisis we have had to think of alternative ways to meet together. Meeting together is central to who we are as a church.

We are using Zoom, which allows us all to go online  and interact with each other using our smartphone or computer. We meet in this way for Bible Study, Social Time as well as our Sunday Meetings. If you would like to join us in this way please [get in touch]

We will post our Sunday meetings on Facebook. We would love you to join us. Go to [] at 2pm each Sunday. Occasionally we will go LIVE! So look for those events on our Facebook page.

Grace Church – welcome

Posted by Grace Church, Hilton on Sunday, 29 March 2020

Story Seekers

When you are out for your daily exercise around the village,
go looking for the pictures to tell a story from The Bible!

Pictures are hidden in the windows of houses around Hilton. Download the trail sheet each week and use the map to find the pictures in the correct order. Each picture will give you a word to fill in the missing words on the trail sheet to complete the story.

There will be three stories to find. One a week, starting on 1st February.
All completed entries will win a prize, with a bonus prize for completing all three stories!!

[Click the link below to download the trail sheet for the correct]

Completed activity sheets can be posted at any of the houses
on the trail or emailed to
Closing Date for the competition is 23rd February 2021


If you would like to discover more about the Christian Faith and what Christians believe there are a number of ways you can do it. We believe that God has revealed himself to us through The Bible, sometimes referred to as God’s Word. So a good place to start is to read it for yourself. It is not all easy to understand so we would recommend beginning with one of the Gospels.

The four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, at the beginning of the New Testament are basically accounts of the life of Jesus. They show, from different perspectives, how Jesus fulfilled promises made to God’s people and how we can follow him today.

There are a number of ways for you to get started and it is up to you which you choose!

A) You can read it for yourself. If you have a Bible then use the contents page to find John’s Gospel or one of the others, and read it. You will probably find many of the stories familiar to you. John, one of Jesus’ disciples, starts off quite mysteriously but it soon becomes clear that he is introducing Jesus as the source of true, eternal life. And he wants to convince us, from his eye-witness accounts, to believe in Him and what He has done.  If you do not have Bible then contact us and we can get one to you.

B) It is sometimes good to read it with someone else. That way you get to ask questions and discuss things you disagree with or particularly enjoy. We would happily arrange for someone in Grace Church to meet with you to read The Bible together, or to discuss your questions. We could use the Uncover resource below?

John’s Gospel

‘Uncover’ is a resource that is available as a study guide to help you read John’s Gospel.

It is a copy of the book from The Bible, with links to a website that has more information and explanations for some of the text.

Click on the image to go to the website and see for yourself, or see below if you would like us to go through it with you.

Either way, Contact Us and we can give you a copy.