Values and Vision

As a church, in Hilton, we are committed to…

Proclaiming Grace [1]
The gospel of God’s grace is the good news everyone needs to know for salvation.
We are therefore committed to unashamedly proclaiming this good news to all those in our community and beyond.

Growing in Grace [2]
We are saved by grace and we are to continue in grace. We do this by growing in the knowledge of God as revealed in His Word.
We are therefore committed to faithful preaching and teaching of The Bible; applying it to all aspects of our lives.

Enjoying Grace [3]
By grace we are reconciled to God and given the freedom to enjoy Him and all the blessings of the new life that He has given us.
We will therefore seek to praise Him in all areas of our life, encouraging one another to live joyfully as we continue to discover and celebrate the great blessings we receive.

Being a community of Grace [4]
As we receive God’s grace, we are united together in Christ, forming one body, of which Jesus is the head.
We are therefore committed to live in community; valuing each person, caring for one another, sharing our lives, each contributing to the life of the church. It is in this context that we will proclaim, grow and enjoy God’s grace.

Each year we start with sermons looking at these statements. Recordings can be found [here]

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