September 2013

Living in Hilton
We all now live here. The Selbys moved in July and we praise God for a calm and smooth moving process. They are now settled in well. Also, Jonny has moved in with Chris. He is a graduate who has started work at JCB, just up the road.

Mark and Anna have met their new neighbours and are starting to get to know them, as well as starting to meet other parents as Cerys begins pre-school.  Jonny has starting playing for the local football team. Chris starts back at Cubs after the summer break. Pray that we would become friends with the various people we meet, in different situations, and that we would be speaking of The Lord and His glorious gospel.

Sunday Meetings
Next Sunday will be our last time as part of Woodlands, the church we have been part of for the past year or so. We will then start to meet, albeit as a small group, in the Selby home. Pray that we would grow in fellowship together as we study God’s Word and praise him together.

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