November 2013

Life Continues
We all continue to go to work, to take part in our local groups and are seeking to meet new people and look for gospel opportunities. The weeks go by quickly and it can sometimes feel like not much has happened, but are all encouraged by our Sunday teaching from Luke, and our midweek studies in Philippians.  The gospel is certain and central to our work, and we continue to strive in His service and for His glory!

Fellow Planters
We have been talking to a family about moving to join us in Hilton, and things are looking encouraging. We continue to seek The Lord’s guidance, and housing, schools and money will all need sorting so there is much to be praying about.

More Local Interest
We have been encouraged to have another two couples meeting with us for the past couple of Sundays. They seem to have enjoyed their time with us and as they are both already living in Hilton we are hoping they will decide to join us. but as we are a small group it will take time for us all to get to know each other.


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