October 2016

Big fail at keeping this up to date, thank you to many who have prayed for us regardless, but here is a bit of an update which will hopefully help you in your prayers for us.

Comings and goings…
There has been some coming and sadly some going over the last two years, which I suppose is quite usual for a church, but felt that bit more acutely when there are few of you to begin with! Sadly the departures have been personally difficult for me (Chris) as it was my sister and her family who, after marriage break-up, decided not to continue in the faith. The church still see my sister and her daughters who still live in the village and I am still her brother, so pray that we could continue to show her love and that they would remember the things of Jesus that they had learnt.

We have had another family join us in that time, though, and they are now very much part of the family group.

It has been encouraging that a couple who joined us very early on had to move away with work, but chose to come back as soon as they were able.

We meet on Sundays, now in a room in the Village Hall and then have lunch together afterwards. We are just coming to the end of Luke’s Gospel which has been such an encouragement. This time focussing on the final hours before Jesus’ death has been good. We are going on to Genesis after Christmas, pray God would use His Word to brig growth in us all.

We have been looking at ‘Work’ in our midweek meetings, as that is such a significant part of everyone’e life and so often a struggle to kee it in perspective.

Other Events
We are working with the Village Hall to organise the Village Christmas Fayre, including a Nativity Celebration. Pray that the Good News of Christmas would be clearly proclaimed through this event.

We have started offering a regular Uncover course, although as yet we haven’t managed to get anyone to come!

Family News
We expect the church to grow in about 10 weeks as Chris and Becca are expecting a baby. Pray for them!!!

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