March 2017

As always we have so much to be thankful for amidst the difficulties of everyday life!

We rejoice with the Hammersleys in the arrival of their son, Levi. It has been a joy to see the Church family support Chris and Becca in this new stage of life. He is proving very popular with the other children.

New Birth…
We rejoice that Jakob, a young guy who has been meeting with us for about a year, has decided to follow Jesus. He has been asking many questions over the year, and listening to all that we have taught over the past year and is convinced that eternal life is only to be found in Jesus and the forgiveness of sin. We are looking forward to his baptism shortly.

Sadly, just before Christmas the Breadons moved house, out of the village, and have joined a group closer to their new house.

Since Christmas we have started from Genesis 12 and plan to work through till the end. It has been encouraging to be reminded of God’s grace to His people through his dealings with Abraham.
In our midweek meetings we are looking at sexuality and gender issues we are all facing in our workplaces and the public sphere in general.

Door to door
We are about to embark on the task of visiting every house in the village (3000+) to introduce Grace Church and to look for opportunities to share the gospel. It will probably take us more than 3 years, but we pray that we would find many that God is already preparing to follow Him.

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