April 2014

Only just April, though, so this can count as March 2014 too!!

We are excited that the Rayner Family have moved to Hilton to become part of Grace Church, tripling our number of children! It has been encouraging how quickly they have become part of the family, opening their home and invading the others!! Having more people means looking for new ways to organise everyone. For example, it is becoming more difficult to eat all-together so we are having a children’s tea earlier in the evening, with the opportunity for other families to join us, and then an adult’s tea later for those who get back from work later!

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC)
After applying we have been accepted as a part of the FIEC, a national grouping of churches. This will immediately be a help as we set up the legal structure of Grace Church, but also as we start to meet with other, like-minded, FIEC churches for mutual encouragement. It also gives us the credibility of belonging to a wider body, rather than looking like a small cult-type group.

Crafty Group
Some of the ladies are looking at ways of meeting others in the village during the day and it is looking like some kind of craft group or similar.  It is exciting to see everyone looking for new opportunities to get to know people on he community, as we continue to develop relationships in the other areas we are already involved like Cubs, Bowling, Football, Pub Quiz!!

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