Did you receive a postcard from us?

Grace Church is a new church in Hilton.

Church is a group of Christians who meet together.
We would like to get to know others in the village, introduce ourselves and, if you are interested, share a bit about our beliefs.

To this end, we will be knocking on doors in the village on a Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. We usually deliver the postcards on Wednesday or Thursday and if you have received one then we will be coming on the following Sunday.

We don’t want to disturb you,
so if you would rather we didn’t call then please let us know…

i) display this card in your window
ii) send a text message to the number on the card; include your house number.
iii) send us an email- visitors@gracechurchhilton.org.uk

Hopefully, we will see you soon.

[We are currently visiting Thames Way and Clyde Street]